The Hifth edit

Most articles I’ve ever read of hifth have told me about peoples persistence, their plans of action, the way they memorise new and old hifth, and how to complete the Quran based on these plans of action. Those stories inspire me very much but my own story is very different.
I have not yet finished memorising the Quran, I have a long way to go, and for many years I had this problem where I would cover so much Quran in one month and then it would plummet to zilch, nada, zero for the next 6 months.
This happened a few times to me, but that wish to memorise was still inside and when I would hear that someone had completed the memorisation of the Quran, or a number of chapters, then that wish inside me would be re-awakened and again I would start memorising.
I was never a particularly organised person; I didn’t really understand the art of planning, I loved making lists (and then losing them).
So slowly through reading other peoples articles and doing some research, it dawned on me that I had never tried planning my hifth. I would always jump in headfirst when I was at a particular peak of passion, and then it would fizzle out.
So I planned.
I kept it simple with a tracker, just a box to tick if I had learnt even one new ayah and a box to tick for something I had revised. I bought a notebook and a set of steadler fineliner pens ( there must be some form of spending when one starts such important things in life and coloured pens really are a necessity in my opinion, for life, in  and drew up my tracker. I even added a few extra rows and added a few daily house chores like clean toilet and sink (not that i never clean them) just so that I could become more regular, and lo and behold, SubhanAllah, it started working. Initially I was adamant I would not have an ugly gap in my row of pretty coloured boxes.(see how subtly Shaytan tries to make your intentions change, your meant to be doing hifth for the sake of Allah but all of a sudden ticking boxes in different colours is so important, be vigilant my friends, if Shaytan can’t stop a good thing he will try and make it as less of a good thing as possible)

So I kept it up, little but often, and I found that through my intentions to learn the Quran, Allah helped me to keep my house more clean and organised.

Slowly new trackers came as old ones became habits, and I found that my Quran, my house and the state of my mind were all becoming stable, Alhamdulillah.
I truly believe that planning and making your intention to learn Quran for the sake of Allah will result in Allah helping and giving you the strength and skills that you need to face your own problems in life.

Then my Quran started suffering because my sleeping schedule was all over the place, caused by late nights out or kids being ill or children sleeping and waking and napping at different times, honestly it was just mayhem.
So I made dua, I needed stability. I really wanted to do hifth but I knew I wasnt going to get far unless the current situation changed drastically.
The local nursery closed down and since I had a child of the same age I decided to start running it at mine.

I don’t know why I made all these huge decisions I just knew in my heart that if I was under the pressure of having a nursery at my place it would make me wake up at a certain time, and help me and my toddler get into some kind of routine and this would hopefully mean I would become more regular with my Quran.
Subhanallah it really worked, the early mornings(well earlier than usual anyway) we were up, and Allah put barakah in our time and my Quran reading and hifth flourished, and my house was more clean and tidy than before, and my sleep wake pattern was becoming more stable. I believe all the things Allah taught me and gave me were an outcome of my wish to do hifth. He shut down a nursery to give me an opportunity to become closer to the Quran, it is not a coincidence, nothing it outside the power of Allah.
Allah knew what I needed in order to get going with my Quran, and I simply followed His plan and He truly is the best of planners.
If you start your hifth with the clear intention of doing this to please Allah to make yourself a better slave, Allah is going to illuminate the obstacles in your way, he is going to train you and make you more accomplished in whatever it is that holds you back. Don’t worry about whats stopping you, just start, Allah is with you and if you persist he isn’t going to let you down.
I would(and still do) often get

The rest is coming …


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